Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Contractor Retirement Can A Soldier On Terminal Leave Work Overseas As A Contractor?

Can a soldier on terminal leave work overseas as a contractor? - contractor retirement

Recently applied for a job with MPRI. You want a contractor CAC card. He drew a map of the CAF and the section ID does not exist, for the day I retire. He went to the transition from the woman said she was allowed to work. I do not think anything about it until now. The company has given me the air tickets and already a field from early on. I will not be disqualified and ask us!


Rooks B said...

During the terminal leave employment
Owner of a civilian government) who are local or country to leave active service (including administrative officers prohibited by 10 USC 973 (b), the office of "civilian" with a state or local municipalities.
The situation of the civilian population in the United States government: the military allowed civilian employment in the terminal should the U.S. government to accept and pay and allowances of that position, and their military pay and benefits. (5 USC 5534e)
Note: Please note that during the terminal leave, you're still an active duty service and restrictions that apply to you are in active service are still valid. For example, restrictions on political activities.
Outside employment: If you are obliged to leave before they get a non-employment, this requirement will very likely take your leave for a terminal. Check with your supervisor.
Place on another restriction to the federal government: They can not represent anyone outside the Government tGovernment or a particular matter with the government. Officers on terminal leave from work (like all federal employees) are prohibited under 18 USC 205 and 18 USC 203, which his new employer for the government. In almost all cases, this prevents a member from interacting or appearing in the workplace as a union contractor. The presence in the government offices on behalf of the Contractor is an idea in itself. Of course, officers from the terminal authorized to work with the contractor, but only "backstage" at a contractor office or otherwise outside the work of the government. NOTE: The ordinary members are not under 18 USC 203 or 205th
Get ban the employment of a foreign company: In addition to restrictions on compensation to a foreign government, there is a specific prohibition of a public official or agency of a foreign principal required s' register with the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938 (Extension of restriction to include foreign governments, persons,ns, organizations and businesses (18 USC 219).

Slowblin... said...

Go man, it's a good question!
It may be that you are obligated for the rest of his inactive reserve available, and when they may not be available abroad, of course.
I go back and ask for their operating rules that can specifically spell out / not see on your situation.

Marine5 said...

You are not allowed to work as
"In the oceans, the contractor," while in the other
Service ... and are still in the
Until the service you received your "discharge papers" ...

dommzyd said...

Discharge, so that you get your papers, you are ready to continue.

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